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Right Place, Right Time

Sometimes you just happen to find yourself in the right place at the right time with a GoPro strapped to your head and it’s actually recording for once! In this case I was somewhere around 50 degrees South in the Pacific Ocean, probably not too far from the Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility.

Never Betrayed

My body is my best friend. We are one. My body has never betrayed me and never failed me. I am not “trapped” inside my body. We are one and I want to take the best possible care of it, because that is taking the best possible care of me and I know that my … Continue reading

Yes Stories Talk May 2018

This was an excellent night down at the Glassblower pub in central London. I’d scrapped what I was going to say and completely re-written it with my partner, Jen, about an hour before! I think it worked out OK though! I’m on first in this section.

I am not a Parkinson’s Warrior

I’ve had Parkinson’s Disease for over 25 years, but I am not a Parkinson’s Warrior. I am not a Parkinson’s Warrior, because Warriors need a War and Parkinson’s is not a War to me. Parkinson’s is a disease that I have. If we frame things in our minds as a War, then that is what … Continue reading

The Man With a Heart Made of Ribbons

I wrote this story when I was in my mid 20s. Since then it’s sat in a box at my parents’ house untouched and forgotten. Now that Mum and Dad have both passed away I’ve been going through a lot of forgotten boxes. There have been plenty of memories and more than a few surprises. … Continue reading

Brain Training

This all started last Christmas, when Jen bought me a colouring book as one of my Christmas presents. Jen loves colouring books. She has lots of them with all sorts of themes. She finds them very relaxing, almost meditative, and she can sit colouring for hours. She thought that anchors would suit me and that the images … Continue reading

The Final Frontier

There’s something about the idea of the Universe that I’ve always loved. When I think about it in all of it’s glory and vastness, I am struck by a sense of awe at being a part of something so incredible.  I guess that’s why, when things are getting on top of me, I like to … Continue reading

Measuring Stick

I know that I am living the best life I possibly can, because I have never dreaded a birthday. I have never thought, “I can’t believe I’m going to be X number of years old!” Some years have been amazing, some bad, some awful and God knows I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve done the best … Continue reading

Identity Mistaken

It was a long walk from the cancer center to the bus stop. I didn’t mind though. It was much better for me that way. It gave me time to think and to get my emotions under control in the fresh air and open space before I had to deal with the closed confines and … Continue reading

Liverpool Spring 10K

Liverpool Spring 10K Normally I’d be running this for Parkinson’s research, but sometimes you have to look beyond. Please click on the link above and give what you can. All donations very gratefully received. Many thanks, Paul