Never Betrayed

My body is my best friend. We are one. My body has never betrayed me and never failed me. I am not “trapped” inside my body. We are one and I want to take the best possible care of it, because that is taking the best possible care of me and I know that my body feels the same. My body wants the best for me.

I didn’t choose to have Parkinson’s Disease and neither did my body. My body is just as upset about it as I am and wants to be free of it just as much as I do. My body wants to be healthy. It tells me that every time I go to the boxing gym. I can feel it come to life on a whole new level. I can feel its burning desire to be stronger, faster, better, to be challenged and to meet that challenge! I feel that desire in every fibre of my being: physical, spiritual, mental.

My body is doing an amazing job of keeping going in incredibly difficult circumstances and I do everything I can to support it. My body isn’t letting me down and I make sure that I’m not letting my body down. I am clear that we are in this life as one and it’s doing its best. I know how important it is that I don’t blame or shame it.

We have travelled a lot of miles together, my body and I, and we have done some pretty amazing things. The good news is, there’s more to come! I love my body and my body loves me! It’s awesome! When Parkinson’s causes problems, I know whose side my body is on. It’s on my side. We stay strong together.


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