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One year on…

One year ago today I went for my first run determined to build up to 5K and keep the fitness I’d built up on the transatlantic. I headed out to Sefton Park plugged into the NHS Couch to 5K podcast and Laura had me running for 60 seconds and resting for 90 seconds. I think … Continue reading

The Nun, The Stripper, Their Writer and His Wife

On the writing course we were encouraged to ‘experiment creatively with form and content’. So, that’s just what I did. Fingers crossed this gets me 20 credits. Hope you like it.   The Nun, The Stripper, Their Writer and His Wife The Nun took another long, exaggerated, drunken, yet oddly seductive draw on her Marlboro Gauloises and prised … Continue reading

The River

The world is dark and moody this morning. The early light is working hard to break through low, threatening clouds and there’s a strong headwind that it is hard to run against. I don’t mind though, the extra effort is welcome and the Wind is pushing a fine rain that’s keeping my body cool and … Continue reading

A Simple Choice

Starting by the river and leading up to the Cathedral, the Hill is half a mile of ever increasing and merciless steepness. When I decided to include it in my running route it was something to be feared and an enemy to be defeated. As I approached it I would tell myself that I could … Continue reading

Ship Ahoy!

Got some amazing photos on the transatlantic sail, but this is one of the first and one of my favourites! Joining the TS Pelican Of London in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia, WI. More to follow soon!

Rio to Liverpool!

  Finally, it’s all confirmed. On March 16th 2013 I’ll be joining the tall ship TS Pelican Of London in Reo de Janeiro, Brazil and over the following seventy five days I’ll be helping to sail her all the way back to my home city of Liverpool, England. It’s a journey of approximately 7500 miles … Continue reading