One year on…

One year ago today I went for my first run determined to build up to 5K and keep the fitness I’d built up on the transatlantic. I headed out to Sefton Park plugged into the NHS Couch to 5K podcast and Laura had me running for 60 seconds and resting for 90 seconds. I think it was 8 intervals in one session, along with some quite dodgy music, and I did that three times in the first week. I was absolutely knackered! This morning I wanted to mark the occasion of the first anniversary, so I pushed the boat out a bit and ran for 7 miles, quite a bit of it up hill. To be fair I had a much better sound track – David Bowie and Iron Maiden – than on the pod cast, but even so, I never thought I’d find myself running that far! Life’s full of surprises! Got to say, taking up running has been one of the best things I’ve done. I haven’t moved this well and felt more in control of my body since before Parkinson’s – and that’s a very distant memory! Being more in control physically has relieved a lot of the mental strain of the disease too, which has been a huge relief. I hadn’t actually realised just how much mental fallout there was. But it’s not just the Parkinson’s that’s better, I feel a lot better all round, about everything, more focused, more centered. It’s a real outlet, makes me happier when I’m happy and picks me up when I’m down. It’s shown me what I’m capable of, made me believe again and I will do more.


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