Measuring Stick

I know that I am living the best life I possibly can, because I have never dreaded a birthday. I have never thought, “I can’t believe I’m going to be X number of years old!” Some years have been amazing, some bad, some awful and God knows I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve done the best I can every time and I have grown and I have learned. I remember each year for the lessons/joys/sorrows they have brought, but I would not choose to go back to any of them, because I have lived them all and they are done. I am content to be here and now. This is the best year of my life, this is the best moment, just as every one before. My life may never be perfect, but I am constantly moving forward and I am always getting better.


One thought on “Measuring Stick

  1. This is very timely for me to read Paul as I am approaching my 50th birthday and I’ve done nothing but moan and dread it.Quite the kick up the backside I need x

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